Man Matches His Roll Royce To His Turban & Dressing In London (Photos) 


Man Matches His Rolls Royce To His Turban & Dressing In London 

While some struggle to make matches with simple belts with shoes, a London based businessman has taken it all to another level.

Photos of Sardar Reuben Singh matching his turbans to the colour of Roll Royces have been doing rounds on social media leaving many in awe.

Legend had it that an English businessman made fun of Sardars turban, prompting the Indian businessman to tell him that he will match all seven days of the week at work in a Rolls Royce with his turbans.

While in his early 20s, Sardar was hailed as the ‘British Bill Gates’, founding the Miss Attitude teen fashion store in the 90s.

But his meteoric rise was followed by an equally precipitous fall.

He was force to sell the store for a shocking £1(Sh143) pound and lost control of his second business, alldayPA, to his parents.

Singh was declared bankrupt in 2007 with debts of over £11 million. He’s still with alldayPA.

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