“He Wanted To Kiss Me” – Upcoming Port Harcourt Female Artiste Cries Out


​”He Wanted To Kiss Me” – Upcoming Port Harcourt Female Artiste Cries Out 

The entertainment industry is one challenging industry but most challenging for the female acts. They have been subjected to all kinds of acts such as molestation, oppression and so on. 

Cyndy Wap

Upcoming Female artiste, Cyndy Wap speaking from experience she said…

 “As a female act, I have come across a lot and am saying enough is enough, we can’t be molested even with our talents, it’s one thing for a guy to ask a lady out and another to want to take advantage of her because he feels she is helpless. Enough is enough , young female acts must be warned of these desperate men out there waiting to ruin there careers and personalities. Quit female artists molestation, look out for our talents and not the body or your sexual desires”. 
When i asked Cyndy Wap the reason for coming out in public instead of ignoring the facts. She recalled an encounter she had with a very popular DJ (name withheld) in the city of Port Harcourt.  

Cyndy Wap

Speaking she said… 

“We were quite close online, so we decided to see, because i didn’t have anything in mind, so i innocently follow him till we goy to his place. To my greatest suprise, he wanted to kiss me and force himself on me. He eventually asked me to be his date, just because say I told him to add my song in his upcoming mixtape”. 

Female artiste molestation is very common amongst us in the Entertainment Industry, not just the city of Port Harcourt but World Wide. 



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