Young Poets Vs Oruz Kennedy Poetry Competition Is Here


Young Poets Vs Oruz Kennedy poetry competition Is Here

Hello guys and ladies… It’s finally here!!!
To participate in the Young Poets Vs Oruz ToKennedy poetry competition which will be holding in March.

To participate in the Young Poets Online Poetry Competition which will be holding this March… Interested participants should simply do the following:
Send your…

1. Full name
2. Year of birth
3. Nice picture of yourself

1. All applicants must be between the ages of 10 – 25 years of age
2. All applicants must use only original content during the competition
3. Details about competition proper will be sent to all participants via email

Thanks for participating in advance my friends. Let’s promote young poets, poetry and spoken word poetry in Port Harcourt.

First prize: 20k
Second prize: 10k
Third prize: 5k


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