5 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Life


In our modern day activities we overlook the dangers of social media, read these 5 Ways Social Media Can ruin your life without you knowing. Jumia travel, the leading online travel agency, urges teens and youths  to cut down on the hours spent on social media e.g twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Read below...
1. Keeping Late Night - We spend hours jumping from one social media platform to another. Even when sleepy we try as much as possible not to sleep, hereby slowing our thinking faculty and causes drowsiness. Due to an unending chat at late night, we end up sleeping on our phones or laptops, henceforth many of us don’t get enough sleep because of social media.
2. Broken Relationship - 70 percent of celebrity failed Marriages where caused by Social media, still we end up coming back to the root of our problems without knowing it. Updating your relationship problems on social media won't solve it, it will only enhance it due to aggressive comments and suggestions hereby keeping your mind divided.
3. Depression - this is common among ladies, well tush make up, nice dress, beautiful shoes, after a good shot and well uploaded with a good caption and still got just 10likes, you feel bad hereby leading to depression.
4. Excess Spending - You have become so addicted to social media e.g Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, that you can't stand or survive a day without accessing your accounts, hence making you spend more on subscription.
5. Insecurity - recently a notorious Kidnapper popular known as Evan was arrested, during his interrogation he was asked how he got his victims information, in one word he said "Facebook". People think everyone is on social media for friendship,most of your social media friends are just waiting for the right time to strike.
Now you know what social media can do to you and your family, you have been advised to reduce time spent on social media, stay safe.


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