How To Get The Girl You Like In 5 Ways

In our modern day world, getting a girlfriend seems almost impossible because they want a guy whom they can trust and fall in love with. The question is can she trust her feelings towards you? Following these few steps below you stand a chance of having the girl of your dream.
1. Independence – hey you are crushing on her doesn’t mean you have to pester around her all the time, give her space because girls love space even if you think they always want you around, It gives them the feeling of not getting enough of you, henceforth she will keep coming back to you for more of your time. Make sure you make her think about you while you’re away.
2. Fashion –  it’s all about looking good, there is an old saying “the way you are dressed is the way you will addressed”. So what am I trying to say her? If you really need that girl you have to look different from other guys going after her or you think your the only one? Try as much possible to look neat while looking good. When trying to look good it as been advised to smell good.
3 . Confidence –  Are you the shy type? Then you have to step up your game, come out of that cage and face the lion. Girls don’t want to date a shy guy, they want to date a guy who can kiss them in front of their friends, who can publicly tell the world she is your girlfriend.
4 . Sense of Humor – You want her right? Then you have to make her laugh, at least try and put a smile on her face. Modern day girls don’t want to date a guy who can’t make them laugh, being boring won’t help you get her because most girls date to kill boredom, even if you ain’t a comedian try to make out time and be funny even if you have to be silly.
5. Persistence – There is a saying “a girl is not single either you take her from someone or she left someone for you”,  when having a conversation with her and she says she has a boyfriend, continue the conversation like you didn’t hear what she said, keeping telling her what you feel, girls like flattering so do more of that. Getting the girl is not about showing her how much you like her, it’s about showing her that she is worth going after.
Hope these few steps will help you get the girl of your dream. Do well to share this article, you don’t know who you might be helping.


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