(see video) Police Brutality And Unlawful Detention Of Innocent Citizens In Rivers State


In recent times it as been said that the Police is your friend, the question is are they truly our friend. The people of Rivers State are experiencing lack of professionalism from the men of the Nigeria Police.

The rate of unlawful arrests is on the rise within the State, following reports from the Mile 1 Division and the men of the Special Anti Robbery Squard (SARS).

According to reports, on thursday 10th August 2017 the men of the Nigeria Police Mile 1 Division carried out a gross mass arrest within the hours of 8-9pm using three buses and Unlawfully detained innocent citizens.

 It as been said that the relatives of the detained went to the Police station to make enquiry about the unlawful arrest that was made, on reaching the station they were harrased and chased out of the station that same night,the incident which almost led to the arrest of some of the relatives.

According to an eye witness, the Division cell was filled up of innocent citizens, due to the unavailable space in the cell, they were all standing till the next day.

One of the relatives of the victims who were unlawfully arrested was almost detained for enquiring about his brother. He later met other relatives of others arrested unlawfully, he used the opportunity and asked them some questions, which the relatives complain on how the unlawful arrest was made.

In the video recorded,one of the victims was arrested while coming back from church, another while talking with a friend, the other was at his house while the arrest was made. The amount of victims are not yet known but according to calculations they are about 30 Men and women arrested unlawfully.

According to him an officer named” Chika ” at the Mile1 Divison of the Nigeria Police harrased him and threatened to arrest him if he didn’t go home.

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