Kim Kardashian Blasted For Homophobic Response To Tyson Beckford


Kim Kardashian has been blasted for homophobic response, insinuating that Tyson Beckford was gay after he said he isn’t impressed with her fake body.

Many social media users found her comments offensive and homophobic.

It started when Tyson shared a recent photo of Kim and pointed out that her doctor messed up one of her hips (read here). Kim fired back insinuating Tyson was gay.

Since then, Twitter has been flooded with messages blasting the mother-of-three and calling her homophobic for the reply she gave Tyson Beckford.

One Twitter user wrote: “Kim Kardashian, you’re questioning Tyson Beckford’s sexuality, like being “gay” is something evil. How about you worry about your husband mental health because you should be more concerned about his well being than if someone is gay. The nerve of this woman. Not today Kimberly.”

Tyson also took another shot at Kim Kardashian by posting a gym selfie video with the caption “no surgery just gym it ladies”. He then shared a meme of a photo shopped snap of Kim looking very muscular.

See reactions of social media users;


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