Between The Calmly Popular And The Carnage Of Rascality. Who The Cap Fits ? – Madam Emily Saraphina Dickson


It is said that conscience is an open wound only truth can heal. Human nature as it were is ovately preoccupied by its concerns of survival through those who service it by any means possible and not the sublime struggles to survival, thus, truth became inconsequential and those who takes the back door through rascality become super power against the calmly popular in society.

The Party PDP has given directives on the conduct of its Electoral processes in the forth coming election. The processes includes the sales of forms, delegate elections and the primaries through which candidate will emerge to fly the Flag of the Party.

The Party had earlier appointed a mini-screening panel to check credentials of aspirants whose function is not to clear or unclear aspirants, but to check the correctness of documents and where should any be misappropriate, the panel will only direct such aspirant to get them right.

It is ovately surprising as the so appointed mini-screening panel would unclear aspirants whose all documents ranging from credentials to tax clearance just for reasons best known to them. You will recall that the Governor, Chief Barr. Nyesom Wike has earlier submitted that only popular and credible candidates will emerge through the primaries, why flawing this directives now that popular aspirants has emerged?

We see a hand of a palpable predator ostensibly working for a particular aspirant amongst the contenders in the race. One would have ordinarily thought that a mother or father should stand for all children without any prejudice or taking sides or better still call these your children and advise them if possible in that family meeting plead with them to accept one amongst them largely because as a parent you dont want any squabble to erupt among your children, why is this parent now taking sides, killing others for one? This is truly a semblance of Esau and Jacobs mother who took sides against the popular demand of the family.

Why is the appeal panel and even the state Party apparatus silent over such issue of silencing a popular demand? Why has the beating of the Electoral Officer who is also a Chief in Wakirike Nation not investigated and those found wanting bought to book?

This is not the democracy we vent to practice in our Party, let every sane mind and democratically instilled human beings be vigilant of a master plan to down play on the integrity of Ogu/Bolo as we are above such carnage of misrepresentations. Albeit, let the truth prevail and the right hands man the mantle.


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