Gospel Vs Secular; Port Harcourt Entertainment Industry Fumes Up


The fight of which sector of industry is better is far from over in the city of Port Harcourt, as every now and then someone spikes up and get backslash from the other party.

It not news that rapper Dr.Barz shut down the city of Port Harcourt with his hip hop concert and barely 24hrs after this event, popular boss of Mirus Empire Olumati Isaiah took to social media to criticize secular artiste for not being able to host a proper concert.

According to his post he said...

In these parts of the world, only Gospel artistes host PROPER concerts. The rest just host some smoking and drinking game laced with music.

Rapper Dr.Barz who recently held a HipHop concert, replied saying....

Thats because smoking and drinking isn't allowed at Gospel Concerts. It's only allowed afterwards

Although, Olumati Isaiah took to social media after his recent post fumed up fire between both parties as they were attacking him.

In his post he explain how he was misunderstood, he wasn't referring to the just concluded hip hop concert by the rapper.

Below are other reactions and comments followed by the recent post by the Mirus Boss.

Dr.Barz Hip Hop Concert

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