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I am committed to providing you with the best website possible, all while adhering to the latest and greatest web coding standards and regulations.

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Every project has my full attention. I make myself available to you 24/7 until your project is complete, and you are totally happy with the result.

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Every creation is fully responsive and designed to fit your individual needs. I creatively incorporate the modules you need into your design.

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Web design is my passion. Whether I’m creating an e-commerce website for a brick and mortar store, designing a new interface for a learning management system, or re-branding a well established company I always dedicate myself 100% to my project.

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No matter what project I’m working on, my solid skill set makes me capable of producing high quality work time after time. I’m very capable with Photoshop, HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. I’m also constantly attending conferences, camps, seminars and more to re-educate myself with current trends and tools.

I’d really love to work on your next project. Send me a note and let’s see if we can’t work something out. I just might be the perfect designer/developer for your project.

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How I got here is a very long story, but my resume sums it up nicely.
You can see my accomplishments listed below, or download a copy to print.

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We all start somewhere, and for me that was school. I attended a four year college where I was a full-time student.

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University of Southern California, 2006

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Boston University, 2010

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In addition to all of that school I went above and beyond to better myself by receiving many prestigious certifications.

[vcex_spacing size=”55px” visibility=”hidden-phone”][vcex_heading text=”CERTIFIED WEB DESIGNER” tag=”h2″ link_local_scroll=”” font_weight=”bold” font_size=”16px”]

Association of Web Professionals

[vcex_spacing size=”25px”][vcex_heading text=”HTML DEVELOPER CERTIFICATE” tag=”h2″ link_local_scroll=”” font_weight=”bold” font_size=”16px”]

World Wide Web Consortium

[vcex_spacing size=”25px”][vcex_heading text=”CERTIFIED TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST” tag=”h2″ link_local_scroll=”” font_weight=”bold” font_size=”16px”]


[vcex_spacing size=”25px”][vcex_heading text=”GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE WEBMASTER” tag=”h2″ link_local_scroll=”” font_weight=”bold” font_size=”16px”]

Global Knowledge

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Where you work and what you do can say a lot about you, and since I now work for myself I certainly have a lot to say.

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Independent Contractor, 2010-Present

[vcex_spacing size=”25px”][vcex_heading text=”WEB DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT MANAGER” tag=”h2″ link_local_scroll=”” font_weight=”bold” font_size=”16px”]

Websites-R-Us LLC, 2006-2010

[vcex_spacing size=”25px”][vcex_heading text=”WEB DESIGN INTERN” tag=”h2″ link_local_scroll=”” font_weight=”bold” font_size=”16px”]

A Really Cool Company, 2004-2006

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These examples are just a little bit of what I can do.
If you want to see more, just send me an email for my full portfolio.

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I’m always looking forward to my next adventure.
Send me a note, and let’s get started on your project today!

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